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Free Download Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.0.6 | S60v5

Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.0.6
Requirements: s60v5
Overview: When the darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land of Gothicus.

Uncover the mystery of the plot against your kingdom as you hack your way through large dungeons and ferocious monsters. Enjoy hours of excitement as you dive into the main story, accept side quests and collect innumerable items. Dungeon Hunter 3 is an epic adventure set in a dark fantasy world in the tradition of the most successful hack and slash RPGs.

- An immersive dark fantasy atmosphere thanks to isometric 3D graphics and stunning animations
- Deep character customization: Choose from 3 classes with 2 specialization paths each
- Over 100 items, weapons and pieces of armor to find or buy from the merchant
- Thrilling hack and slash gameplay full of real-time fights and a heavy dose of fun
- Don't face evil alone; rally companions who will help you to save your world and your soul
- The 5 faeries will help you in your epic mission by providing protection, power and advice

Download Instructions:

Free Download Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.0.6 | S60v5


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