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Sahas Katta Smoked Windows Phone, Microsoft Tells Him to Go Home

Sahas Katta Smoked Windows Phone, Microsoft Tells Him to Go Home

Sahas Katta Smoked Windows Phone, Microsoft Tells Him to Go HomeMicrosoft over the past week has extended their “Smoked by Windows Phone” web campaign into an in-store contest. Offering a series of challenges, the store pits customer’s own devices against a Windows Phone. If someone wins, they are entitled to a fully-featured HP laptop valued at over a thousand dollars. Losers get a chance to swap their phone out for a free Windows Phone, in a second-place giveaway.

Ice Cream(ed) Sandwich

Sahas Katta, armed his Galaxy Nexus with a few Android 4.0 settings he knew of, and went into the store. Knowing Windows Phone’s infamous Live Tiles feature would be in play, he disabled the lock screen of his device. This is a new feature in Android 4.0, and one that Microsoft planners seem to have forgotten about (or simply weren’t aware of) when planning this contest.

That feature gave just about any Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich owner, an actual clear edge in most of the contests. Since, most of the contests revolved around calling up Live Tiles on the Windows Phone side, one simply needed to place several widgets on the home screen to have information like weather, news, and sports appear instantly.

Mr. Katta was asked to load up weather in two different cities on his phone, as quickly as possible. And, the competition, he claims, began. While the Windows Phone was still being unlocked, Mr. Katta claims he declared himself the winner, since his home screen was instantly unlocked, and he had swiped to two Weather widgets, displaying weather in two cities via: SpaceMobiles.NET

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