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Free Download Killer Mobile TotalRecall v3.2.0

Free Download Killer Mobile TotalRecall v3.2.0

Killer Mobile TotalRecall v3.2.0

Description : There’s a new version of Killer Mobile’s Total Recall sneaking around, and it’s specifically updated to take advantage of S60 5th Edition on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the upcoming N97! If you’re not familiar with it, Total Recall is a call recording application for S60 that allows you to keep audio files of your phone calls. This can be extremely useful for sales people who are looking to improve their sales pitch, or if you find yourself calling in for a service or billing complaint, and want to make sure you have a record of what the company said.
Total Recall sits in the background and can either record every call automatically, or you can be prompted for each call, if you only want to use it for specific calls. The recording happens without the annoying ‘beeps’ that are present in the default recorder, and there is no limit on the length or filesize. Note that there are restrictions in some areas regarding the recording of phone calls via spacemobiles.net

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